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Starting a new generation in America.

I was born to a working-class family. My father is a truck driver, and my mother has held many professions; a substitute teacher, a retail worker, a waitress, and above all, had the full-time job of raising 4 children. Despite the tireless hard work my parents put forth day after day, our family depended on government assistance in every form. Government assistance that, more often than not, was still not enough to cover the basic needs of four small children. My mother somehow made it look effortless, never letting her children know that we struggled. However, at a certain age every child becomes glaringly aware of where they belong in society. I understood that it was imperative for me that I get a proper education. I earned my Bachelors of Engineering in Civil Engineering, and was the first Colombo to graduate college. I believed that as long as I put forth every effort possible, working hard and never turning down an opportunity, that those efforts would be all I needed. I had achieved the American Dream, but have always felt that something was missing. Once I had achieved my own American Dream, I had thought I would be separated from the poverty that shaped me- that I had worked my way into success. However, that could not be further from the truth- the moral sense I developed from my working-class upbringing has stuck in the back of my mind, and with that the stark realization that something more needs to be done. Something that is larger than one person’s success. This campaign is that something.


This campaign is about doing the necessary, and turning the page to a new chapter in the United States of America. It is time that we leave behind the political history that has been built over the last forty years. It is a history that has left the marginalized behind. A history that has seen wages stagnate and our standard of living deteriorating before us. A history that led to distrust in American institutions, and created dissonance for political gain. A history where promises put forth by our leaders were not reflected by the actions they produced. A history being clung to by the few who stand to benefit the most.


A new generation is necessary, a generation not limited by age; but born of moral courage. A generation that revels in being born in interesting times. A generation that understands that the only road blocks to progress is the lack of necessary action to break through them. We can no longer continue to depend on the actions of the past to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. We need to build a future where our communities are put at the fore front of every decision made. Communities that understand we cannot do it alone because we all do better when we all do better. We need to face the issues presented to us together- to establish the positive peace required to bring about the justice we all long for and to reject the notion that there is a single American who does not strive for a better future.


Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” Give this New Generation the support it needs, and we will bring the progress necessary to build America’s tomorrow.


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